Uber Customer Care Number, 24 Hour Support & Uber Guide

Uber Customer Care Number, Toll Free Contact Number & Email ID : Uber is app provided by company to book Cab service using it any where in India . Most of You have been using or started using for booking cab to move from one to another location.

You all knows that Uber is very user friendly in term of using or booking Cab online. So, Anyone can download Uber Mobile App from play store and can start booking cab when so ever is needed.

But, There comes a time when Uber customer faced very common issue that sound strange but when company like Uber provide service to customer they take care of everything because customer pay money for cab and if there is anything that is creating trouble for them then they take review or solve them by any way.

Below are the most common Uber Issue :

Uber Driver arrives Late.

Uber Driver is not a good Driver

Uber Car is not clean.

Uber Driver misbehave.

Uber Driver charging too much.

There could be any issue or problem Customer can face any time who know what kind of problem may arise at what time.

So, To resolve them and give Uber customer a better experience they provide 24*7*365 Customer Care Number. Anyone can call at Uber toll free contact number any time when ever is there any problem either in car or related to driver.

Uber Customer Care Contact Number, Support Email Address & Uber Guide

You can complaint about any issue to Uber Customer Care Number who are very experience and instructed to help each of it’s customer at top priority.

You may find many Uber’s customer care contact number but we have found that some of mentioned number are not working that is causing more trouble for customers.

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So, We have shared working Uber Customer Care Number that is working 24*7 hours in India. You can call them to lodge complaint.

Uber Customer Care Contact Number

Uber has provided Customer Care Number which is made available 24*7 hour for it’s customers. It’s toll free contact number for letting Uber Customer making complaint about any problem or issue they faced in Uber Car or with driver and take suggestion related to any query.

We are amazed to see that people in India are looking for Uber Customer Care Number India but Worst thing is that they do not have any separate number for any country even for India where number of people who can call are more than any other.

As we always need to accept reality so here is only one International Uber Customer Care Number that is working 24 hours taking calls of each customer and still doing better. You can ask to anyone about Uber’s customer care reviews if any of your know has called them.

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Here is International Uber Custome Care Contact Number : 1866 576 1039
You can also contact them using Mobile App by heading to “HELP” option in it.

Uber Support Email Address

Now, As you know that Uber has International Customer Care number, It also has International Support Email Address where you can send your feedback related to ride or any suggestion.

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Unlike Uber Customer Care Contact Number, It has Email address for major cities in India where Uber has most customers.

So these Uber Email ID in India are :

Uber International Customer Care Email Address : support@uber.com

Uber Customer Care Bangalore Email ID – supportbangalore@uber.com

Uber Customer Care Hyderabad Email Address- support.hyderabad@uber.com

Uber Customer Care Jaipur Email Address- supportjaipur@uber.com

Uber Customer Care Delhi Email ID – supportdelhi@uber.com

Now you can contact them using any of above Email ID to It’s Support team for any support.

Uber International Office Address

Uber Technologies, Inc.
182 Howard Street # 8
San Francisco, CA 94105

International Office Fax Number- 877 223 8023

International Office Telephone Support- 415 986 2104

How to Get Help from Uber India ?

We have found contacting Uber Customer Care by taping on HELP option in App very easiest way to contact Customer Support team.

But, If you do not know how to get help from Uber India Customer Care Department then we have also shared steps to get help from Uber Customer care via App.

1- Open the “Uber India App ”

2- From Menu Option and Select the “Help” Tab.

3- You will be redirected to Help page.

4- Now You can search for your query where Uber Answered most asked question.

We are also sharing some direct link of most common query of customer so to save your time in searching query separately.

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Why was my payment declined?

Why is there a pending charge on my payment account?

Updating a payment method on your account.

Using Uber promotions and credits

How to Request a Trip ?

For Account and Payment Related query

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Uber Service in India

We all knows that Uber is Cab Services providers all over the India so has services in every cities and states where cab facilities is must. These cities are Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi, Pune, Surat, Thiruvananthapuram, Udaipur, Vadodara and Visakhapatnam etc.

So, Uber has very huge customer in India and for them they also providing the best customer care services by number and email id. You can contact Uber custome care number any time and get immidiate help from App.

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Last but not the least we have missed Uber Fare Estimator but sooner or later we realised and shared same below.

How to Estimate fare ?

This is most asked question of customer when they make a call to customer care number that is why they have provided very useful page for them to calculate fare of ride.

You can visit Uber Fare Estimator to get an Estimate price of Your Ride.

We are done. Now you can make contact to Uber Customer Care either via contact number or Email Address.


  1. I booked Uber pool today morning, driver called us and left away without waiting for single minute as i already infirmed that i m a pregnent lady comming within 2 minutes but he didnt stopped n i called so many times but he didnt respond my call and still vehicle location is showing in the same place. Narsi reddy, veh no. AP***** mobile no **********. As such persons creating nuisance and creating problems and i have to cancel the trip and i have to pay the amount also. The said driver wasted our time and money. So please kindly take necessary action on such peoples

  2. I had booked an Uber few weeks back, and for some reason I had cancelled the trip, for which I had pad Rs.52.50/- charges on 16th August 2017, and again on 1st September the app asked the same amount, for which i paid it as I had an urgent requirement and again it was the same amount and same notification.. So i have paid the same amount twice. If this is how Uber works than it is better to throw them out from this country immediately

  3. I have booked an uber today in jaipur his vehicle number is 1*61 and his contact number is +919*494***** and the complain is that first of all the driver didn’t reached the destination and also abused me i want a strict action against this driver.

  4. hey from last 3 month i m searching a customer care number or an email id but its not available….3rd class service u guys are providing its high time now ,,, i m totally fedup with your fucking service

  5. 25/09/2017 today I booked a uber cab.
    but the driver is vry bad…and unprofetional.
    charecter less..mis bhevb my sister… car no
    WBO4H1424.. Driver name Govind kumar
    please..take action as soon as possible..

  6. today I booked a uber in Hyderabad . from Musheerabad to shivarampalli . but the driver is very rude . while we entering the cab .. he misbehaved very much and with a lot of anger abused us and cancelled our ride .. and I was with my family . driver name Vijaya Kumar .. vehicle number .. . And more over uber charged us te cancellation fee of RS.47.50 . For the mistake from driver side why should we pay the cancellation fee .. how injustice is this .. with out our mistake and humiliated by driver we also charged .. is this the way of uber service .. please look in to the matter and take action against driver and also please cancel my cancellation fee and make it zero .. please do the needful and co operate .

  7. On 04th Oct.,2017 around 8 AM I was booking Ubermoto from Royal Tower Shipra Suncity Gaziabad to Vaishali Metro Station, suddenly my uber account stopped working, on re login, it is told that your account is disabled. I lodge complaint on uber app. But after several complaints, on 5th uber broke the silence with an aligation that I violated the terms & conditions of uber, so my account is disabled and my device is flagged by the system. This is strange for me that my account was clear, no bills or complaints were pending.Being in Govt service, I respect the Law. It was a system error, which were not attended properly by uber. I am using uber’s app and abided by its limits, if this type of problem occurs, it may be the fault of your app. This is painful that neither uber telling me the violated term & condition nor correcting the system error. This is clear harrassment of customer. Still the problem is unresolved.

  8. This morning I took a ride to drop some one at uttarpara and was liable 2 pay 237.25 which was shown on my device eventually I carried 250 bucks with me at the drop locatation I was asked to pay 637.65 bucks which made me cut a sorry figure 4 they had to pay the amount due and my return bus fare I request uber to do the needful to resolve this nuisance else uber is going to lose a permanent customer and I will suggest my family friends relatives not to use uber immaterial whether it matters to uber or not mind you uber goodwill is also an asset!!!!!

  9. I had booked an Uber on date 1st Oct 2017 from Hazarat Nizammudeen Railway station Delhi to Kavi nagar ghaziabad , for which I had pad Rs.414/- charges in cash as per Driver required, and again on 7 Oct i also booked kavi nagar to railway station ghaziabad and my trip charges is 45/- rs but driver told me that you also paid last trip charges, so tatal charges is 458/-Rs. Due to discussion for that i also left my train and suffer a lot of problems and financially lost of my Journey. and i have also paid the same amount twice 414/- Rs. If this is how Uber works and how the customer satisfied for your service. therefore i request to you to refund my excess amount as I paid twice (414/- Rs).

  10. Pathetic no customer service numbers available no proper treatment from driver support guys.i had taken uber pool ,My destination was 5kms from my house and they clubbed me with a Destination at 15kms away and then dropped me to my destination..with no customer support number this is really disappointing for an international company to treat some customers just to grab money from the frustrated customer I am not going to use this service again will suggest people whom I know not to I would ban uber as much as possible by making more and more people aware about this..worst experience stop cheating people the company will shut soon if these thing keeps happening!!Shame

  11. While booking the rate showed will be less but once it’s booked it’s higer rate… for example if the rate is 94 then it turns to 111 .. Nowadays I’m facing this issue.. really upset with rates you show… i even checked with friends Uber app they dnt face this issue ..so please help with it… so that I can use the Uber .. if the issue continues I’ll stop using Uber

  12. An sms was sent on 10.10.2017 from UBERIN that if I booked uberPASS I would have to pay only Rs 99/- for a trip of upto 9km till 6pm. I booked the same around 4.50pm . from my booking point to destination it was less than 9kms. I reached within 6pm also, but they charged deducted Rs. 147 from my pay TM account. Again on 12.10.2017 around 7am I booked uberPASS from gol park to park street, kolkata which is less than 5kms and I had to pay Rs. 109/-. I demand what kind of cheating is this? you promise something to your customers and you deliver something else to your customers. Uber is losing its credibility slowly.

  13. I’ll booked a cab of uber but cab not reached at location end off driver canceled trip but its show in my outstanding balance , matter with me two times

  14. None of these email addresses work. Pathetic company. Poor service. Not even a phone no. or email address to complain. That’s why drivers do whatever they want since they know that there is no phone no. or email address to complain.

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